Round Panel Low-Tack Autocross Numbers

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These meatball style roundel low-tack digits are perfect for our aluminum and fiberglass bodied friends. They're produced from thick 6-9 mil vinyl that will resist stretching and tearing when removing or repositioning. These could last a season, depending on care.

Simply input your number (up to two digits), your class (up to five digits), then select the color and font you'd like. We'll custom make a set for each side of your car and deliver them to your door step.

Number panels measure 16" tall and 16" wide, with 8" tall numbers. Class panels are 5" tall with 4" tall characters and are combined unless otherwise specified.

Please note, fonts with a slant will be slanted the same direction on both sides - both slanted to the right.

Maintenance: We recommend keeping the backing paper that come with these digits for safe storage. In the event the adhesive does get dirty, Windex works to remove debris without affecting the adhesive much.

Need an additional "1" or "L"? See our premium low-tack listings and order just the additional digit you need.