Frequently Asked Questions

Do your digits include enough for both sides of the car?

Yes, unless stated, each set comes with two of everything - enough to do both sides of your car.

Can I order just class panels?

Yes. By going into most sets (excluding roundels and panels), you can select "No Digits" and "XX Class Letters". You'll see pricing for just the class magnets you chose.

Do you offer classes longer than 5 digits?

We currently do not, due to the fact the panels get too lengthy and cannot be shipped easily.

Will magnets work with my car?

If your car has steel doors, magnets will work. However, magnets will not work on cars with fiberglass, carbon, or aluminum doors. Common cars on which magnets will not work are:

  • Corvette
  • Some Porsches
  • Lotus
  • Tesla

How long will low tack vinyl digits last?

The performance of our low tack digits depends greatly on care. The low tack digits are essentially a low adhesive decal, and like any decal, they will lose stickiness over time. The best course of care is to keep them as clean as possible. Avoid allowing dirt on the adhesive. If you're planning to reuse, remove from a cool car. High levels of heat can allow the vinyl to stretch. Place the used vinyl on the wax paper from which they came.

Why won't my magnets stick?

Every set is tested before they ship. If you're having trouble with adhesion, please consider the following:

  • The closer magnets are to raw steel, the better they will adhere. If you have a skim coat of bondo on the car, have a super thick paint coat, have thick PPF applied, these will affect adhesion. Test the digits on another car without the aforementioned traits and they should stick well.
  • If air gets under the leading edge of the magnet, they will come off at speed. This is why it's important to store the magnets completely flat. The most effective method of storage is stuck to a metal surface like a refrigerator, or the garage door. Magnets that are stored on an uneven surface, like on the floor of a car, or in the back seat, will heat up and warp, and may not flatten. For those doing track events, it's recommended to add a strip of tape on the leading edge to prohibit air from getting under the magnet.

Should I use wet application when installing my permanent vinyl digits?

For economy permanent vinyl, it can be helpful to use the wet method to avoid bubbles. The wet method consists of .5 oz of denatured alcohol and 1/16 teaspoon of Dawn dish soap to an 8 oz. spray bottle of water. Spray a fine mist on the back of the vinyl and the surface of application. Don't puddle. Align the digits and start to squeegee the fluid out from behind the vinyl until there are no bubbles. Let sit for a few minutes and remove the application tape, making sure the vinyl does not lift with the tape.

For premium permanent vinyl, they should be installed dry. This vinyl has air egress adhesive, meaning that the adhesive has tiny ridges in it that will allow you to lightly squeegee air bubbles out before heavier squeegeeing. Using the wet method can actually result in water getting trapped in the adhesive ridges and causing premature failure.