How to Take Care of Your Autocross Number and Class Magnets

Autocross Digits are easy to take care of, but following these guidelines will ensure they last for years to come.


We recommend storing your numbers on a flat surface. The floor of your trunk, in a sleeve or envelope, or even stuck to the side of something flat, like your fridge or toolbox works well. Keeping your digits flat ensures they won't get creased and will properly contour to your car every time.


Applying your digits is a snap. But before you go throwing them on your car, be sure to give them magnetic side a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth or rag. Debris such as rocks or grit stuck between your magnet and the car could damage your paint. In addition to wiping down your magnet, we recommend that your car is free from dirt and grime as well.


Keep your magnets looking new by cleaning with soapy water. Avoid harsh chemicals. Some elbow grease and a clean microfiber rag will do wonders on removing nasty cone residue!