Removable Tow-Tack Vinyl Care and Cleaning

Our low-tack removable numbers, classes and panels are perfect for our aluminum, fiberglass and plastic bodied friends. They're made from super-thick 6-9 mil PVC sheet in a gloss finish with rounded corners, meaning they may be removed without tearing, and will stand up to the elements. They're reusable a number of times, depending on care. All digits are cut using computer-controlled cutters to ensure consistency in each set.


For the best longevity, low-tack numbers should only be applied to a clean car, meaning dirt, road grime and dust shall be removed before number application. Apply at an edge first and rub from one edge to the other, forcing out air bubbles.


Removal is best done on a cool car. The cooler the car/vinyl, the better they resist stretching. Pull evenly from the top to the bottom of the digit. Reapply to the supplied backing paper for safe storage in a clean, dry place.


The outward facing surface is best cleaned while digits are still on the car. Soapy water or windex works best. Usually, some elbow grease with a rag will remove cone residue.

The adhesive side may collect some dirt. While any dirt will affect the adhesive, the digits should continue to stick unless they become coated. In the event the adhesive side needs cleaned, we have had luck wiping it with some windex and a lint free rag.

Two Driver Cars

Low-tack digits have a finite life, so the amount of times they are removed and reapplied are limited. We recommend leaving a codriver's number on the car for the duration of the event and slashing with low-tack tape, like a painter's tape.