Modular Segment Autocross Numbers

Modular Segment Autocross Numbers

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We've all shown up to an event to find another car running the same number in the same class. Be prepared with these number segments. Arrange them to make any number desired. They have a 1.25" thick stroke, so they're legal for SCCA solo.

Overall height depends on the configuration you choose. A "1" is 8" tall, and an "8" is 9.5" tall.

Simply select the color and class you'd like. We'll custom make a set of class panels for each side of your car, supply enough number segments to make any number (7 segments per "number"), and deliver them to your door step.

*If white numbers are selected, the class card will be white with black numbers.

Need an additional class digit, like an "L"? See our economy or premium magnetic listings and order just the additional digit you need.