Region or Club Number Set - Magnetics

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If you're an autocross club, you know too well that blue tape on your competitors cars make life tough for timing and scoring. Make this an opportunity to provide a solution to your racers - even turn the solution into a revenue stream.

The Club Set comes complete with 20 digits (2 of each, 0-9), five sets of magnetic, dry erase class cards and a dry erase marker. This allows your registrars to lend or rent a set of numbers and class cards to a racer for the day.

Each number is 8" tall and features black numbers with a white outline to ensure they're easy to read on any color car. Class cards are 5" tall and 12" wide to accommodate any class designation.

Each number and class card is imprinted with "rental" to make it easy to identify the components belonging to the set.

This is the perfect solution for your club to be pro-active in eliminating blue tape from your events!